Quarantine Diaries: Khun Sutti

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Phuket Has Been Good To Us

Each day we come across different people who are used to struggling in life but make the best of what they have and what they can do. Khun Sutti is no exception - he is a 54-year-old Tuk-tuk driver who lives with his family in Kamala, Phuket. They have a small house and 3 generations, all 7 of them, live together.


Khun Sutti and his family

Life is always a little challenging for them. But now, things have become more difficult just to live each day. The Government safety measures issued to prevent the spread of COVID-19 mean that Tuk-tuk drivers are not able to work. The family have received one ‘survival bag’ (eggs, rice, noodles and vegetable oil) from the local Or Bor Tor (council), which has helped them to make it through these challenging times. His wife, like many Thai ladies, is a great cook, and she has started to sell Thai deserts outside their house in Kamala to help support the family as there is no other income.

Khun Sutti is the only member of his family who speaks English; it is essential for his job to be able to engage in conversation with tourists from all over the world. His children are currently unemployed and speak almost no English, as their family lacked the finances to provide them with English education. He is thankful that his grandchildren will be able to attend Kamala School and receive FREE English classes taught by Phuket Has Been Good To Us teachers in the future.

So many jobs in Phuket require English language skills. Help PHBGTU continue to teach English for FREE to disadvantaged Thia children, please donate today:

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