Quarantine Diaries: Khun Chai

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Phuket Has Been Good To Us

The COVID-19 outbreak has devastated the economy in Phuket, and small businesses like 936 Coffee in Kamala were amongst the first to have to shut down. ‘We are not part of an online food delivery platform and so could not stay open for takeaway’ said owner and barista Khun Chai. ‘I don’t know when we will be able to reopen.’

Khun Chai and his family have been running the coffee shop since 2014. They have worked hard to make it a huge success. Situated near Kamala Beach, 95% of their customers are foreigners from all over the world; English is the best way to communicate with them. Fortunately, Khun Chai was lucky enough to have learnt English growing up.

He has a young daughter who will start Kindergarten in July. He believes that it is essential for her and other children to be given a chance to learn English from a young age, as he couldn’t have come this far without English skills.

Please help Phuket Has Been Good To Us allow underprivileged children to learn English for free. This is their chance to break the cycle of poverty and pursue their dreams, just like Khun Chai has. You can donate at:

Siam Commercial Bank - Patong Branch
Savings A/C Name: Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation
Savings A/C #: 601-2-71944-7.

You can also donate directly to PHBGTU's money pot here.