Quarantine Daries: Khun Saranya

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Ramadan - the holy month of fasting and prayer observed in the Islamic faith - involves many community-based interactions which Muslim communities worldwide are currently having to forgo because of COVID-19.

Due to the pandemic, Khun Saranya, a Kamala resident, is celebrating Ramadan very differently this festive season. She will not be able to go to her mosque or share evening meals with her extended family. While Ramadan may be different from previous years, she and her children are still cleaning and decorating their house, cooking together and enjoying good times. With her elder married son on the other side of the island, Khun Saranya is sad that they are unable to be together. Still, she understands that staying at home during this crisis is necessary. They are doing their part to avoid the virus from spreading.

A secretary for a Russian company in the services industry, Khun Saranya is lucky to be able to work from home in Kamala. Two of her three children are now staying at home with her as universities and schools throughout the nation are closed until July. While they are happy to be able to spend more time together, the children are missing face to face interactions with their teachers and friends.

Khun Saranya has always encouraged her children to study hard, especially the English language. “We are Phuketian, and most careers here require us to work with people from all around the globe. It is of utmost importance that we can communicate with them in English.” Khun Saranya told us.

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