Pure Silk Supremacy

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By Angelyk Tranzistar

Paul Ropp the person is a creative who’s traveled a journey of exploration into the artistic expressions of global cultures. Long before setting foot in Bali, Paul Ropp had a taste for the divine in all areas of life. Born in NYC, he was exposed to western fashion and glamour, which had its quality and luxury, but Paul was drawn to the natural and more organic luxury that the ancient communities worldwide had to offer. Initially, he spent time with the Native Americans and got a taste for their adornments of carved bone, shell and stone. Not surprisingly, one of Paul Ropp design trademarks has been, from day one, beautifully carved bone or shell buttons. They make a superb touch of craftsmanship and ‘Earthy Exclusivity.’

As for the silk, Paul Ropp has trailed the Silk Road and set his eyes on Asian delights only discovered by few. His passion for the processes used to create materials runs deep, and fortunately for us, he can make silk from one of the world’s rarest silk looming techniques, one that he calls “hand-cut silk.” It’s an eye-catching fabric where you can see the weave, plus Paul Ropp craftsmen can intertwine jacquard patterns into it, to create extremely rare, deliciously smooth and uniquely gorgeous silk. Paul likes to call it “clothes for people who prefer to be naked.”

But the hand-cut silk is just one of Paul’s many unique fabrics. Using hand-loomed textiles has been the basis of the brand for the last 30 years. After bringing his collections back to NYC, Paul opened his first store in Bali in the late ’80s. It was an immediate success - everyone in the know soon found out that you have to embellish yourself with Paul Ropp and outrageously impress your friends. The phrase “Wrapped in Ropp” emerged and soon more stores unfolded around the island and the world. 

The Paul Ropp family are a loyal base of ‘followers’ who simply cannot get enough. They live in Bali, and all over the world. I’m one of them and I highly recommend a visit to Paul Ropp as a memorable experience in Phuket. Treat yourself to bright colors or classic blacks and whites, from the ‘Subtle Sublime’ to the ‘Glamorous Statement Piece,’ you will find original luxury and unique divine expression at Paul Ropp.

Paul Ropp boutiques in Phuket:

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