Pru Restaurant reopens with a fantastic new space – and flavours

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Pru Restaurant - the first and only restaurant in Southern Thailand to receive a Michelin Star in the 2019 Michelin Guide Thailand Edition - reopened its doors in September this year following a two-week renovation. The additions to the restaurant are the first refreshments since originally opening in 2016, and have allowed the culinary team to provide guests with a more personal dining experience, through the team’s own aesthetic changes.

Two distinct dining areas offer guests a much more personal and exclusive experience, along with the new vision of service the restaurant has been developing. The revised interior will boast a new neutral colour palette with locally sourced materials - all making for a more refined and elegant ambience.

“The challenge was to create a contemporary ambience that serves our vision of food and service, while still being able to preserve the original charm and memory of the space,” says Chef Jim Ophorst, originally from the Netherlands and renowned for his imaginative cooking style and innovative techniques. 

In addition to the updates in the dining area, PRU’s kitchen space will also be expanding. “In support of PRU’s “Plant, Raise & Understand” philosophy, we wanted to re-arrange our kitchen in a way that will allow for more creativity and freedom to be showcased in our dishes,” Chef Ophorst said of the kitchen. 

The team has also enhanced PRU’s culinary concept by implementing a new “eco-system” based philosophy. 

“We believe one of the customer’s needs is to hear stories, to be transported to places they have never been before. Thus, we have introduced new dishes that tell the story of a place. For example, we have a dish that incorporates river prawns from the Tapi River in Surat Thani province, paired with fresh ingredients found in the same ecosystem, such as sauces made from smaller fish, as well as vegetables and plants found in the same river,” says Ophorst. “The end result is a dish that becomes the perfect embodiment of that fantastic ecosystem.” 

To present this new philosophy, PRU is preparing to launch a signature 8-course menu that celebrates Thailand’s biodiversity, along with a newly designed 6 course set with favourite dishes from the previous menu.

“This new approach certainly makes the sourcing of ingredients more difficult, but we feel it is much more in line with our vision and pushes us to work even closer with the local communities.”

Additionally, the culinary team has invested in further developing the PRU farm, which now grows 50 different species of plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

“We are so excited by the development of the farm,” adds Ophorst. “When we opened, tomatoes were one of the only product we could grow here. Thus, we replaced our long-time signature phrase ‘Tomato from our own farm’ from the menu and replaced it with ‘Amuse Bouch’, which is made of 14 different ingredients, all sourced from the farm. This really goes to show how much we have grown, both in and out of the kitchen.”

Additionally, the restaurant is expanding its business hours. PRU will now be open from Monday to Saturday, from 6:30pm. 

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