Pretty beaches on the South of Phuket

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Lina Krengel

Come south of the border with me

Not that long ago I was writing about beaches on the north of Phuket. And I guess that would be not fair to keep south beaches out of your attention. So while we are still struggling without tourists here in Thailand, let’s check where can we spend a lovely beach day.

I want to start almost from the middle of the island. And the first on our list in the famous Karon Beach. It used to be very popular among tourists and since it is much quieter than neighboring Patong, it was very attractive for families. Moreover, Karon Beach is famous for its “singing” sand. When you walk, it will make a noise like you are walking in the snow. I personally not a big fan of this beach. We found the waves there, especially offseason, very high and dangerous. The beach itself is very long and its middle part is wild, with no shadow. Keep it in mind.

Moving down and we are arriving at Kata beach. Pretty well developed one with lots of resorts, massage shops, and street food vendors. At least, it was like that before. Because of its flat entrance, this beach is one of the most suitable for families with kids. On my first trip to Thailand, I stayed in Kata, so this beach reminds me of those great 14 days.

The neighboring Kata Noi, which is literally translated as Small Kata, took my heart from the first sight. There are only a couple of resorts, and it makes this area almost private. Water is very clean and even during the low season, there are no big waves. On the left side of the beach, you can snorkel a little near the rocks.

The next one is a little and rocky Ao Sane beach. If you have ever visited Nai Harn beach or at least that area, you may have spotted this lovely small beach. This one is suitable for lazy relaxing or active diving and snorkeling. Beware of rocks and don’t tell us we did not warn you.

Nai Harn beach. It is a quiet and compact seaside. Trees are creating a nice shadow line where you can hide from the sun while enjoying the picturesque view of blue water and white sand. From April to October, there might be some waves, however, during the high season, this beach is an absolute love.

Ya Nui beach is a calm, quiet charming bay that has not changed for almost 10 years. It is a little undeveloped comparing to its neighbors. But probably this is what makes it so charming. The water there is blue-green, except in the northern part with small steam.

Turning to the south-east to reach Rawai beach. It is a perfect choice to start island hopping or try some seafood near the sea, however, I would not recommend Rawai for swimming or beach time. This beach is mostly known as long-tail boats and speed boats pier. However, if you are determined to swim in Rawai, head to the west, pass the seafood market and you will find a little swimming spot.

So, now it is fair. Northern and southern beaches are covered on our website. What is your favorite beach by the way? Drop me a comment.

Traditionally, this is not an advertising, but the true opinion of the girl, who prefers quiet swim to overcrowded beaches, but still hope to see tourists soon.