Premier of ‘Patong Girl’ in Phuket

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Finnish-German director Susanna Salonen’s award-winning film ‘Patong Girl’ will be premiering this week in Phuket. The acclaimed film has gained a lot of praise worldwide from critics and is set to wow audiences in the province where it was filmed, as well as all across Thailand.

The film deals with the differences between Thai and western culture, of which there are many. Tourists passing through Thailand often don’t gain a thorough understanding of how the two cultures can have vastly different perspectives on life, they see the surface level friendliness but the deeper understandings of the Thai way of life go by unnoticed. Conversely, many Thai people don’t understand certain western perceptions due to a lack of experience in western countries.

Patong girl examines the differences and similarities between cultures, giving greater insight into how and why people from different backgrounds interact. We don’t want to give away any spoilers but there is also a twist in this love story that moves away from your traditional Disney-esque romance.