Plastic pollution of the beach. Stop it!

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As we all know, people all over the world became more aware of plastic pollution and are trying to reduce plastic usage to save our planet. So, imagine our disappointment when we received an e-mail today morning with information and pictures of plastic waste at Kata Beach.

Elena, the founder of the art recycling project “Whale Tail” wrote, that while she was at Kata beach on March 2, she saw 2 company contractors were throwing plastic bags and glass bottles right on the beach.

“Plastic bag and packs decompose time 20-200 years, glass bottle - 1000 years. A lot of animals can be damaged by this waste. Also, glass bottles, if broken, can hurt visitors of the beach and kids as well.”, says Elena. She strongly believes that companies should take full responsibility of their staff and should be punished for more that 2,000 THB.  “I wish it will be increased for companies and planning to talk with every major of every area of Phuket soon.”

As she stated, she has already made a report to Karon municipality and will contact Thai bloggers and different media to spread the word. Moreover, her project is planning to do “some educational events soon for local people and some charity acts for exchanging to disposed of plastic”. 

From our side, we would like to remind you not to litter on the beach or anywhere else. Phuket is a gorgeous place and it is very sad to see it being polluted.

Feel free to visit their Instagram page to check how easy and creative you can recycle plastic and make our planet cleaner every day.