Phuket Staycation – The Hotspring Beach Resort and Spa

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If the premise of the Staycation series is to showcase interesting spots in Phuket, where you can enjoy a weekend break, then this story doesn’t belong. Firstly, The Hotspring Beach Resort and Spa isn’t in Phuket, and secondly, we stayed just a for a few hours. But not be too hard on ourselves, the resort is just across the Sarasin bridge, placing it firmly within Phuket’s zone of influence, and a few hours spent at the Hotspring, is worth as much as a long weekend elsewhere. So, pack your bag and head north, for another “Phuket Staycation”!

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We usually leave the activities section for the final paragraph of a “Phuket Staycation” series story, but in the case of The Hotspring Beach Resort and Spa, what you can do at the resort takes precedence. That’s because what set’s The Hotspring apart from other tropical resorts in Phuket is access - there’s no hiding it – to hot springs.

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When the spring was found 40 years ago, the 40 °C water used to spout out 3.5 meters above the ground. Today it’s been tamed and flows gently into two circular pools. The water is not just hot but also highly mineralized, giving it a number of health benefits – including for the skin, aching muscles, blood circulation and more. But even without the science to back it up, the sensation of entering a 40 °C bath in Phuket’s scorching sun is nothing short of pure bliss.

Phuket Staycation Hot Spring Resort and Spa (3)Standing in a stark contrast to the hot pools is the indoor icy pool where water is kept at a refreshing 16°C. You can easily spend half a day altering between the hot and the cold baths, and you’ll leave as rejuvenated as ever.

Besides soaking in the pools, The Hot Spring Beach Resort & Spa offers a variety of Thai Massage, Foot Massage, Aroma Therapies and Facial Treatments, and all SPA products used in those treatments contain mineral hot spring water.


First of all, you don’t have to stay overnight to enjoy the Hotspring. Grab a day pass instead (Adult - 400, child (5-12) 200 Baht) and enjoy a whole day of fun and relaxation by the resorts pulls. The price includes access to the main swimming pool as well as the hot spring pools and icy pool. What you’ll also get is a complimentary drink of the day, a towel and access to the locker room, fitness centre and a snooker room.

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If you do however decide to spend the night, there are plenty of room options available, our favourite being the hot spring pool villas with access to a private hot spring. Set within a lush garden and kept in a traditional Thai style, they aged gracefully and provide a wonderfully relaxing ambience.


I don’t know about you but soaking in a pool gets me famished every time. Luckily, at the Hotspring, you won’t stay that way for a long time. In fact, if you’re just thirsty, you don’t even have to leave the pool, as the resort’s pool bar is literally inside the pool. For a small hunger there are plenty of poolside snacks on offer and if you’re after a proper meal, head towards the beach.

Phuket Staycation Hot Spring Resort and Spa (2)There, next to a picturesque wooden quay (even more impressive when the sun sets), and facing the dunes, is the Sala Thai Restaurant. You’ll find a mix of well-executed Thai and western dishes on the menu, with the whole experience largely boosted by the restaurant’s ambience.

Phuket Staycation Hot Spring Resort and Spa (2)

Set in a traditional Thai wooden structure, blessed with lovely vistas and a wonderful sea breeze, it’s an ideal spot for a romantic dinner after a day spent chilling at the Hotspring.

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