Phuket Sailor Takes On Another Challenge

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500 miles (800km) with a Laser in the Gulf of Thailand – how about that for a new year’s resolution?!

Yassine Darkaou is not new to record-breaking attempts – a few years back he spent 77 hours sailing a dinghy in Phuket waters and in the process unofficially broke the records for longest time spent in a Laser dinghy, and the record for the longest distance sailed in a Laser dinghy in Asia. And now he is back at it with a new challenge.

Yassine intends to sail 500 miles (800km) with a Laser in the Gulf of Thailand, using a distance sailed by an Australian sailor Christian Kargl in 2016 as his benchmark. His journey will take him from Hua Hin to Chonburi, then on to Koh Chang, back to Hua Hin, once more to Chonburi and back.

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Having attempted to break a world record before, Yassine knows what he is up against:

“I know I will have to deal with knee pain and back pain, skin bursts, hallucinations and extreme fatigue, sleeping is also an issue and being wet all the time doesn't help neither,” he says. But he is prepared to take on the challenge “The second step of my preparation, sailing the boat for a couple of weeks in Hua Hin, will help me feel more comfortable on the boat.”

While on water, Yassine will be eating nuts and animal fat, plus dry plants and roots to nourish himself. He will also take fishing equipment for the ride.  And not to get lost at sea, he will be using a GPS unit and a compass. Plus, a special tracker will allow anyone to see where he is, in real time, through an online platform.

But the attempt is not only a physical or technical, but also a psychological challenge. “This trip is also spiritual, it’s a meeting with the self, its facing fears and growing,” Yassine says.

Yassine Darkaoui (2)

Yassine’s boat is currently in Hua Hin. He also has the first sponsor whose support allowed him to purchase safety equipment. There is still space left on the boat’s hull and sail for advertisers.

Learn more on and Yassine’s Facebook Page.