Phuket’s Best Burger 2019: Prime Burger Phuket

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Fresh seafood, southern Thai curries, Hokkien noodles – there’s plenty that Phuket can be proud of in the cuisine department. But what if I told you that one of the most hyped food items on our little island are…burgers?!

That’s right, this American classic is so popular on ubiquitous in Phuket, that it warrants its own annual competition. The aptly-named Phuket’s Best Burger event series is the place to find out where the best burgers in Phuket are. And while nothing beats actually joining the party and trying all the competing burgers for yourself, we have then the second-best thing for you – a close look at this year’s winners in two main categories – a classic, meat-based burger, and a vege-burger.

Stockholm Burger by Prime Burger Phuket

Stockholm Burger from Prime Burger Phuket

“There’s no secret to making a great burger, it’s all about the bun and the patty,” proclaims Tobias Garneij, the owner of Prime Burger Phuket which opened earlier this year at the new Central Patong. True to his word, his Stockholm burger, which won the highest prize at this year’s Phuket’ Best Burger edition, is the simplest, most classic option among six different burger variations available on Prime Burger’s menu. Except for a potato bun and the in-house ground beef patty made with Australian chuck and brisket, it features just American cheese, pickled red onions, pickles, tomato, lettuce, and sauce – “same sauce as you’d find in Swedish burger joints,” Tobias explains.

Stockholm Burger on Prime Burger Phuket Menu

Too simple? Well, there is one neat trick in Tobias’s repertoire that makes his burger such a smashing hit – that is, smashing. He literally smashes the patty on the griddle with a custom-made metal press. What for? To keep the inside of the patty moist and the outside crust crispy.

One bite is enough to know that the trick works wonders. Stockholm is flavourful but perfectly balanced, full-bodied but not greasy, simple but not dull. If you love burgers, you’ll be captivated by this one – watch out for the Stockholm syndrome!

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