Phuket Is A Goldmine

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Zohaib Sikander Zohaib (Zo) Sikander has been living in Phuket for 4 years, first as a news editor and now a marketer at an international school. Visit his blog about his experiences in and around Thailand on to find out more about places, faces, and where to eat in Phuket.

While on holiday in Phuket a few years ago, the thought of living on an island seemed like a pipe dream. Now, having moved and lived here for four years and counting, I’m still coming to terms with the wonderful reality of calling Phuket home…especially when I find the force of will to get out of mine.

As with anything else, Phuket has its positives and negatives, I’m not here to debate the what’s and why’s of that, I’m simply stating that even after all these years, I’m always surprised by how many exciting things are happening here every day. Whether you’re with family or living the single life, there’s plenty to keep you occupied; all it takes is a little effort.

So, I make it and get out of my house to explore. A Friday night trip to Phuket Town to listen to live music by local Indie bands is a great way to kick start the weekend. If I wake up early on a Sunday, some exercise and fresh air at any of Phuket’s beaches works wonders. I’m personally partial to Nai Harn, despite the fact that it’s a 40-minute drive away from my place. Each visit to that stunning strip of sand is a reminder that my time here matters, and there’s no reason to work myself to the bone. Whether you work 30 or 90 hours a week, it’s important to treat yourself every so often. How? Even a short weekday trip, let's say to Chillva Market for a beer and some local food, might do the trick.

For many of us, the default state of being (when not at work) is lazing around on the couch, making excuses about how the traffic is bad and that the weather looks precarious. But when I manage to give myself that little push out of the house, the effort is always worth it in the end. Get up and get out, and Phuket will deliver.

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