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Gareth Zebron Gareth is the former Editor in Chief at Real Life Phuket. He has worked in events, music, magazine publications, and digital marketing. A good day for him consists of a solid adventure on his bike or a good coffee with good people.

We live in uncertain times. The tumultuous economic/socio/political landscape may have you frazzled, hostile, or utterly clueless about dealing with the world. For most people, it’s about weathering the storm. Other people feel compelled into action.

Rather than ruminating at home, shouting in the street or on social media about injustices, or taking out your fears and concerns on others – might we suggest an alternative?

Serve others.

Engage in positive actions towards your fellow human. It is self-therapy that’s rarely recognized and practised. Please make no mistake; it’s hard work filled with awkward moments, but you may find that you help yourself through helping others.

There are many ways to serve others and many organizations you can get involved with. Phuket Has Been Good to Us needs people willing to give of themselves.

Our charity facilitates English education for over 230 underprivileged children at Kamala School. Without this program, these Thai children would be denied an English education, and miss out on childhood's joys. There are a variety of ways you can get involved.

Every day after school, PHBGTU volunteers facilitate fun activities in Coconut Club to allow the children to live care-free. Our volunteers walk away feeling like they’ve made both the children’s lives and their own lives better.

Our fully qualified Teachers provide quality classes in the English language, & Mathematics and Science in English for FREE to hundreds of disadvantaged children every day. A small donation of 10,000 THB can provide a full year of English education and Coconut Club activities for one child.

Volunteering or donating are both greatly appreciated. If you would like to help, please contact Tina Hall at

We don’t want to focus on whether or not you decide to serve our charity. What matters is that