Phuket Food Trucks: Healthy Meals on Wheels

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Why are food trucks so popular? We are just as puzzled as you. Maybe it’s a fad, like fidget spinners? Though more probably, it’s the great food they serve combined with the fact, that it’s taken out of the restaurant and brought out on the street. Whatever the reason, food trucks are everywhere, from New York to LA, from Paris to Amsterdam, and now also in Phuket.

Of course bringing great food out to the street is nothing new in Thailand, a country with one of the richest street food cultures in the world. But food trucks take the idea of food served on the street a step further, by taking it for a ride. Travel + Food = Pure Joy!

We’ve seen increasing numbers of food trucks cruising the streets our island and stopping at the Phuket best night markets. They sell anything from meet skewers to fancy pancakes, adding a nice, hipster touch to Phuket’s dining scene. Some have even tried turning the idea more local, by transforming Thailand ubiquitous Tuk Tuk’s into food trucks.

As for the latest addition to the island’s food trucks fleet, it comes from an unexpected source. No, not a burger joint, not a new hot dog chain, not even a kebab restaurant. The latest food truck in Phuket is the creation of… Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort!

Yes, you’ve read it right, Thayapura, a place known for world class sports facilities, triathlon training, Olympic-size swimming pool, ultra-modern health facilities and so forth, has released a food truck on the streets of Phuket.

And it makes sense! Firstly, because while we love their DiVine restaurant’s creative approach to healthy cuisine, we are often too lazy to go all the way up to Thanyapura for a wholesome meal and end up eating junk food that’s nearer. Secondly, while food served on Phuket’s night markets is delicious, healthy choices are scarce.

This changes with Thanyapura’s food truck and its menu, which offers healthy, raw, vegan, plant-based dishes prepared by executive chef Udomsak Boonsopone with the support of Thanyapura’s resident nutritionist and Marcela Soto Prats.

12 dishes on offer cost between 100 and 200 baht and include Smoked Chicken & Avocado, Grilled Chicken Waldorf, Acai Berry Pudding and much more, while among the drinks priced at 60 baht you’ll find rejuvenating detox juices such as pineapple, lettuce and celery-based Zing, Glow which is made with green apples and carrots or Upbeat which combines beetroot, red apples and celery.

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Sounds yummy enough to give it a try? The Food Truck will park at Fun Friday Avenue (Boat Avenue, Cherngtalay), every Friday at 4 pm until 11 pm. And hope for more locations to come soon, after all, it’s a truck, it can travel, so you don’t have to!

Learn more on Thanyapura website.

Before you go, read our interview with Thanyapura nutritionist Marcela Soto Prats