Phuket clubs busted in late-night raid for selling booze after hours and indecent entertainment

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While you were sleeping early this morning, two nightclub managers and two entertainers were arrested in Phuket Town for selling alcohol after hours and providing lurid and indecent entertainment.

The raid was on the Harem and Duzz nightclubs. Maj. Purimphat Thanaphansiri and Lt. Preechaphat Sangnoi, of the Phuket Police, led more than 20 officers in the raid on Harem club on Phang Nga Road at 1am.

Inside the adult club, officers arrested Harem manager Sayomphu Sriyotha, 29, and two entertainment staff, named by police as “Ms. Lin”, 25, and “Ms. Tha” 24 (real names withheld by police). The charges were selling alcohol after permitted hours for the manager and providing “indecent” entertainment by the two women.

Next, officials moved on to the Duzz club on Thungka Road, where they arrested Chaisiri Sekpan, 30, for selling alcohol after permitted hours.

All four were taken to Phuket City Police Station to face their charges.

Story: The Phuket News