Phuket bike week is coming!

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With Thailand going through a heatwave, what could be better than a long bike ride through busy streets filled with construction? This year Phuket bike week will be celebrating its 22nd edition with the catchy slogan ‘ASEAN Ride together.’ From April 8 until the 10th, the event will be held at Loma Park in Patong and on the 15th and 16th, participants can ride through the Anuphas courtyard in Phuket town.


It won’t all be about bike riding, there will be plenty of other great events too, such as a music festival, a Miss Phuket bike week contest, a tattoo contest and a Green road project aimed at concerns about global warming.   

Many cyclists from around the world are rumored to be taking part. Bikers from Singapore and Indonesia are expected and some VIP guests should be rolling along as well. Last year there were concerns about police checkpoints being a little too thorough, but this year police have been advised to keep up a friendly facade.

Road regulations will be carefully monitored in order to keep all cyclists safe and routes will be laid out so that there won’t be any constructional obstacles in the way. So if you’re in Phuket during the event, grab your helmet, hop on a bike and ride on down.