This is why Phuket is the best place to base yourself in South East Asia

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Elizabeth Adler

It doesn’t take much convincing for people to stay in Phuket. The beaches, the scenery, the culture, the nightlife; there’s something here for everyone all year around. The laid back lifestyle and friendliness of Thai people is enough to attract anyone from anywhere in the world. Many expats choose to live and work here but some even choose to live here, even when they don’t work in Phuket.

This might seem strange, but it’s true. A lot of foreigners working in other areas of Asia set their families up in Phuket because it’s just so good here. There’s everything anyone could want or need. Flights from the Phuket International Airport to other countries in the region are so cheap that many business people choose to fly in and out on a regular basis. The flights are cheap, the living standards are high and the cost of living here is extremely affordable for most expats. Families can find huge, luxurious places here in Phuket whereas in the countries they work, they would only be able to find small places for roughly the same cost. They also don’t get the vistas of the island.

Phuket stands for quality at an affordable price. Other countries in the region simply can’t provide what this beautiful island has; inexpensive, fantastic homes in an oasis filled with a cornucopia of delicious food, also incredibly cheap. It’s no wonder that workers from overseas are choosing to make Phuket their base. In South East Asia, there really is no place quite like it.