Photo Tales: Struck by Colors

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Aaron Hooper Aaron Hooper is a Phuket-based photographer and RL Phuket contributor. Contact Aaron for sale of limited edition prints or for private or business photography shoots bookings on
Sri Mahamariamman, Bangkok, Thailand. Photo: Aaron Hooper

When walking through the Bangrak neighborhood of Bangkok, it is likely you will be struck by the otherworldly colorful, and incredibly ornate façade of the most revered Hindu Temple in Thailand - Sri Mahamariamman.

This fascinating temple and its myriad of colors and deity figures has been an important place of worship since its construction in 1879.  Buddhists and Hindus alike come to give offerings at this grand temple presiding over a corner of the narrow Soi Pan. The beautiful, towering structure is adorned with hundreds upon hundreds of incredibly intricate gods and goddesses in all the wild shades of pink, blue, green and gold. The air around the temple is heavy with incense and its ground covered with bright saffron marigolds, sold by the thousands by nearby vendors as offerings to the Uma Devi. Here is a craning look upward at the steep cascading façade of the deities above.