Photo Tales: A Smile Deep Within

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Tha Phrom Temple, Angkor Thom, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Even in the blistering Cambodian heat, the alluring temple of Tha Prohm remains damp and cool. As bats begin their screeching flight from the dark stone ceilings, a crisp breeze washes through the narrow moss-covered passages and whips around the shadowy corners. As the closing hour draws near the crowds of tourists leave the place all to myself. The light is perfect, it’s time to shoot.

The layout of the temple is disorienting, the passageways lead into countless similar-looking courtyards. Getting your bearings is tricky, as, after a while, every corner begins to look the same. It was in a courtyard deep inside the temple that I found this Devata - cracked with time, but still with her seductive smile in place. These female deities line many of Angkor Thom’s halls. Beautifully carved in soft sandstone, they are often in alluring poses, half dressed, dancing. Tha Phrom Temple is a must see when visiting the incredible Angkor Wat complex of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Just try not to get lost.

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