Photo Journals: Thumbs Up Phuket

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Phuket is bursting at the seams with talent, be it the millions of visitors that stream through the island or long-time residents. In our Photo Journals series, we highlight their talent and the beautiful island that we call home.

Thumbs Up Phuket



On the northeast corner of Yaowarat Rd and Dibuk Rd is a fantastic mural of King Bhumibol the Great. Whenever I visit Old Phuket Town to do some people watching and street photography, I always find my way to this spot after wandering by shops and alleyways. On this particular day, I spent a reasonable amount of time observing many motorists drive by the mural on their way to their destinations. I bet that most of them pass by without noticing the King watching over them as they pass by. I can guarantee that this particular individual missed the King when he drove by with his family. Instead, he was watching me and gave a thumbs up instead of watching the road in front of him. I do appreciate his happy demeanour as it brings a positive light to a world that needs positivity more than ever.

Kolin Friske is a self-proclaimed world wanderer and one hell of a talented landscape photographer. Follow his work on Facebook or Instagram, or visit his website at