Petition launched to stop 7Eleven from polluting Thailand

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You know the drill. You shop at 7eleven and if you happen to forget to mention that you don’t actually need that plastic bag, you will get one, or two, or more, plus a plastic straw for each drink you buy (including that 1-liter bottle of milk).

And those plastic bags do ad up. It is estimated that  in Bangkok alone, 600.000 plastic bags are used…a day! Nationwide 10 millions bags are generated by convenience stores each and every day.

Need more terrifying statistics? Here you are! Most plastic bags are used for no longer than 25 minutes, while a lifetime span of one bag is…basically forever. Especially that 60% of those bags never get recycled, meaning that they are here to stay, floating in the oceans, hanging on tress and decorating roadside ditches.

IS it enough to motivate you to do something? Because yes, there is something you can do, in fact more than one thing.

For starters you can refuse to take plastic bags offered to you at 7Eleven. And if you still do get one, just take your shopping out and leave the bag behind.

Secondly you can sign the recently launched online petition urging 7Eleven to stop giving away plastic bags to its customers. The petition was launched on May 1 and has so far gathered over 1000 signatures. The goal is to get as many as 10.000.

We signed already, you can to and let your friends know about the initiative. Let your voice be heard, for the love of Thailand.

The petition is available HERE

Photo: Mike Mozart