Paul Ropp – To Be or Not to Be

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By Ronny Singer

Paul Ropp constantly undermines himself stating that he has a little talent. Maybe he’s being humble, maybe sincere, but the truth, in fact, talent comes in many forms.

They say you had to be there to know, and Paul Ropp was – here, there and everywhere, from Woodstock to Studio 54. In the sixties Paul’s rebellious attitude came to flourish, creating cigarette rolling papers with the American Flag, draft cards and American dollar bills. Idea for idea, Paul’s adventurous mind led him to India, whereupon he created his first collection of T-shirt prints, called Chinese Tibetan - a quick sellout in America, establishing Paul’s certainly having an eye for color and design.

The traveling bug hit, here and there, Paul picked up every stitch and fabric to his trained eye that would eventually become Paul Ropp’s legacy. The continuing fashion statements of fashion of those formative years led Paul to a no-fashion ideality, putting together a production line of his feelings of how he wants to feel and dress. Conducting and overseeing his vision, the Paul Ropp design was created.

If that’s not talent, what is? Poetry in motion, art, and style, the Paul Ropp design, flaunting the logo (For People Who Prefer to Be Naked) is not just a slogan, but a natural feel and look. The Paul Ropp design, tropical is what it’s all about, the sense of freedom, casualness and the originality of a free-flowing feeling and spirit. An array of colors put together with silks, chiffon and cotton fabrics from across the Asian market. Upon entering a Paul Ropp retail store, you are entering an entity all of its own, a forest of colors like no other, unique in style and concept. Fashion in itself has become more of a put it together yourself thing these days, and nowhere can one do that better than to shop till you drop at a Paul Ropp store.

So, what are you waiting for, to be hit on the head with a frying pan? One can go on and on, introducing you to the Paul Ropp designs, but the bottom line is the proof is in the pudding. OK, said and done, too much and not enough, on that note. The Paul Ropp shop.

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