Not popular, but still very beautiful beaches in Phuket

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Lina Krengel

Keep a secret!

During this hard pandemic time, we are all trying to find something positive. And here is what I have found personally. The lack of people on the island allows us to enjoy empty and clean beaches. However, even during “old normality” there were a couple of spots that stayed aside from peoples’ crowds and remain a piece of tranquility in Phuket.

I am happy to share my personal list of not very popular, but lovely beaches. Here we go.

  1. Ao Yon Beach. There is actually 2 part of this beach. The first one is on the left side of the rocks is truly loved by locals, who come there to have a beach picnic. However, the real gem is waiting for you on the right side of the rocks. There are several guesthouses and hotels right on the beach, however, according to Thai law, they cannot own the beach, so it is open to the public. Stop by Ao Yon Seaside restaurant and walk towards the beach. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Ao Yon Beach

2. Sai Kaew Beach. If you feel like you need some time being alone and away from people, go to Sai Kaew beach. This one is located almost at the end of the island, right before Sarasin bridge. “A long and deserted strip of sand” is the best description of that beach.

Sai Kaew Beach
Sai Kaew Beach

3. Merlin Beach. If you prefer Patong as your place to stay in Phuket, you may know this beach. However, it is usually mistaken for its Tri Trang neighbor. In order to get there, spot Merlin Beach Resort, as the beach is right in front of it.

Merlin Beach

4. Ao Sane. If you have ever visited Nai Harn beach or at least that area, you may have spotted this lovely small beach. To my personal opinion it is a little bit rocky, but still very pleasant.

5. Freedom Beach. Cannot call it secret anymore, as most Phuket guides have already opened it to the wide public. But on the other hand, I can not mention it, as you will find it out anyway. So, Freedom beach is relatively close to Patong, however, it is its absolute opposite. Not that long ago there was only 1 way to get there, by the sea. But nowadays, you can access it through Kata or Patong. Be ready to pay some entrance fee.