Nice beaches on the north of Phuket

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Lina Krengel

North doesn’t mean cold

While most of the tourists used to prefer the south of the island for their holidays, the north side remained a piece of tranquility. And it still is. Some part is occupied by the national park and it allows you to enjoy a nice shadow during your beach time. In this little article, I would like to review the north nice beaches of Phuket, or, in case you have never been to our beautiful island before, to familiarize you with them. Here we go.

Let’s start with Bang Tao Beach. This one is perfect for a nice long walk and is centers on a long stretch of white sand and tree line. 5-star hotels on the beachside certainly give a vibe of relaxation with a touch of luxury.

Bang Tao Beach
Bang Tao Beach

Layan Beach. This a little-known beach on the north end of Bang Tao Beach. Since this beach is a little off the beaten tracks, local people and expats love it for its leisurely atmosphere. A beach club located there might be a perfect option to have lunch or enjoy a DJ set during the day.

Layan Beach

Banana Beach. A so called little hidden treasure. Pretty difficult to spot the entrance, however, it’s worth it. A pretty big shallow with crystal clear water and towering trees is a perfect place to escape on the island.

Banana Beach
Banana Beach

Nai Thon Beach. A superb beach which is located far from crowded and busy Patong and Kata. Beach has a nice tree line that helps to find a shadow. The water is perfect for swimming and even snorkeling. Great spot to enjoy quiet swim.

Nai Thon Beach

Nai Yang Beach. Located in the heart of Sirinat National Park, this beach is a great place to meet the sunset. White sand, clear water and views of planes taking off and landing. Visit it at least once, while you are on the island, and you will fall in love.

Nai Yang Beach

Mai Khao Beach. The longest beach in Phuket with clear yellow sand. Personally, I will not choose this one for swimming as usually the waves are pretty high. However, the beach with its shadowed walking and cycling are is a perfect spot for a sunset walk. And of course, the view of planes is mesmerizing.

Mai Khao Beach
Mai Khao Beach

Sai Kaew Beach. If you feel like you need some time being alone and away from people, go to Sai Kaew beach. This one is located almost at the end of the island, right before Sarasin bridge. “A long and deserted strip of sand” is the best description of that beach.

Sai Kaew Beach

So, now you know, that the north of the island is also rich for its stunning beaches. Come and check by yourself! Nice beaches Phuket

Traditionally, this is not advertising, but the true opinion of the girl, who prefers quiet swim to overcrowded beaches.