New buses are coming to Thailand

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Yesterday we informed you about how new trains are coming to Thailand and today it looks like we’ll be getting new buses as well. The buses in Thailand can be a bit hit and miss. Some look incredible, like Voltron lions you’d see in a Japanese anime, but others can be a bit run down.

In an attempt to persuade tourists to take buses around Thailand, rather than airlines, the government­run Transport Company has announced an overhaul of its bus services. The new buses will include free food and drink, onboard wi­fi, mobile charging ports, reclining seats and an automatic chair massage system. With services like these, why would you even want to get off your bus when you reach your destination?

The state of buses in Thailand isn’t the only issue. The mental state of the drivers is another. With this new plan for new buses, new rules will also be put in place, making it mandatory for drivers to take a break every four hours. This will be enforced by the ignition not starting up if the bus has been running too long. Only in Thailand.

The new buses will travel along four main routes: Bangkok­Mae Sot, Bangkok­ Phuket, Bangkok­Nakhon Phanom and Bangkok­Chiang Mai.