Netflix & Quarantine

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Gareth Zebron Gareth is the former Editor in Chief at Real Life Phuket. He has worked in events, music, magazine publications, and digital marketing. A good day for him consists of a solid adventure on his bike or a good coffee with good people.

Being a good citizen of the world and practising social distancing isn’t easy. Luckily, we have Netflix on our side to help us get through this global pandemic. So, we’ve listed out some of the most popular shows on the streaming service to keep you entertained and a few to leave you feeling enlightened over the coming weeks. Enjoy!


For Entertainment

Tiger King

1 Season


This documentary-come-fiasco follows the murder investigation around a rather theatrical zoo owner, Joe Exotic. The docuseries has people on the edges of their seats the world over, and we think you’ll end up in the same position.


2 Seasons


The South Korean series is set in the historic Joseon period and combines royalty, a coup, a political conspiracy, a plague and best of all, zombies. The first season follows the story of Crown-Prince Lee Chang and his investigations into a zombifying virus that is spreading across the nation, all while battling his father’s (very) young wife for his right to the throne.


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Money Heist

2 Seasons


The 2-part, multi-episode series revolves around a group of robbers who set out to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. The group is led by the ‘Professor’, who names each of the robbers with a different city. In addition to the action, you’ll also get a good dose of romance, crime and drama.

The Good Place

4 Seasons


This Award-winning series follows the afterlife of one Eleanor Shellstrop, who ends up in ‘The Good Place’ - a sort of heaven designed by its architect Michael. The only thing is, she realizes her placement was a mistake. What ensues is what got this series it’s Peabody award. 


3 Seasons

Marty Byrde and his family suddenly relocate to Missouri following a failed money-laundering scheme for a Mexican drug cartel. Marty, the financial advisor to the cartel, then has to pay back the debt by setting up an even bigger scheme, which ends up getting him involved with local criminals. There are three seasons available to watch - plenty to keep you occupied in your downtime.

For Enlightenment

Our Planet

1 Season


There’s nothing better than a full-on, cinematic documentary narrated by David Attenborough. This is precisely what Our Planet brings to your screen. This absolutely fantastic docuseries covers the human impact on the global environment, from land to sea, and desserts to snow-capped mountains.

Dirty Money

2 Seasons


Excellently documented stories on corporate corruption, securities fraud and creative accounting. From the VW Emissions scandal to HSBC’s ties to cartels and terrorist organizations, this docuseries has in-depth interviews and insights with people close to or directly involved in some of the biggest corporate scandals to date.


2 Seasons


Rotten documents the fraud, corruption, greed and violence behind the scenes of different global food industries. Chickens, avocados and honey - all sectors with rather dark sides. This series will definitely leave you more aware of what’s behind the food we eat.



2 Seasons


This one is for the creatives. Two whole seasons of interviews and deep-dives into the minds of some of the world’s leading designers. Names like Bjarke Ingels and Ilse Crawford, just to whet your appetite. Dive in - you won’t regret it.