More toys for seafarers

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Elizabeth Adler

With all the Super yachts and regular yachts coming in for the most recent Yacht shows in Phuket, there was always going to be other little contraptions to come along with them. We’ve already mentioned the Lampuga in another article, an electric powered surfboard that doesn’t require waves to move, but there are other things on show around the island that are just as fun.

Take, for example, the SeaBob. It’s been around for a while but the latest model has a bit more oomph. An electric-drive water scooter, the SeaBob is environmentally friendly. Basically you hold onto the handles as it pulls you through the water. Fun! Fun! Fun! Unless of course you drown.

Another fun device for the water that has been seen around Phuket during the Yacht festival is the Reef Surfer. It’s a lot like a surfboard but instead of waves pushing you along, a boat pulls you via the chord attached to the front. It even allows the rider to dive under the water and go exploring. If you’re not too sure on your feet, there’s a beginner model called the Lung and a more advanced model called the Edge.

These are just a couple of examples of the fun things to do around the island. There are loads more, so be sure to keep an eye out for other exciting contraptions on offer in the wake of the Yacht festival.