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Boathouse Phuket Friday Wine Lunch (2)

Have you ever wondered what life would be if it was the weekend that went on for five long days and the working week lasted just two? I have, in fact, I still do. I keep thinking about where did we all go wrong when we were establishing the world order? I come up with conspiracy theories on how keeping us busy is the evil capitalists’ way of making us incapable of taking action and rebellion. I daydream about it (don’t tell my boss!)

Boathouse Phuket Friday Wine Lunch (2)

But let’s get real, the proportion of working to leisure days is not going to change anytime soon. Faced with that harsh reality, we are presented with two solutions – making the most of the time off that we already have and expanding the weekend as much as possible. Most stories we feature in RL are about the former, about squeezing even more out of your life in Phuket, but what about the latter? What about making your weekend last longer? As of last Friday, we have just the thing!

That’s Friday because it’s on Fridays that the Boathouse Phuket throws its Friday Wine Lunch and achieves what’s seemingly impossible – makes the weekend last longer, or as they put it, lets you “celebrate the weekend before it starts.”

The concept is simple – they take your lunch break (arguably the second-best part of the working day – the first one being the part where you sign-off and go home, of course) and give it a much-needed boost. How?

Boathouse Phuket Friday Wine Lunch (2)

Firstly, they serve it at their spacious terrace overlooking the beach. And as much as I enjoy my lunchbreaks at a roadside noodle shop, nothing beats dining by the beach – even after years spent living a stone’s throw away from one.

Secondly, the food they offer is of bespoke quality, delish and creative – so creative that it changes every week, so if you like surprises, there’s always one waiting at the Boathouse. You don’t? Not to worry – the Friday Wine Lunch’s menu is published beforehand on the resort’s social media.

Boathouse Phuket Friday Wine Lunch (2)

And Thirdly, there is wine. Lots of it. Unlimited amounts, in fact, with a free flow of white and red wine included in the price (you won’t be coming back to work after that anyway…)

And talking about the price, you’d expect a three-course, resort-style meal served at a lovely seaside restaurant and accompanied by a free flow of wine to cost you. Well, it does….1000 THB net per person. Amazing.

Need some more amazing facts? How about this one -  there are 52 weeks in a year, but If one Friday Wine Lunch at the Boathouse constitutes 25% of a full weekend, then you end up with 13 extra weekends over the next 12 months. What’s better than 13 extra weekends? Well, 14 weekends for example. Or a two-day working week and a five-day weekend. But let’s not be greedy. Let’s enjoy the best of what Phuket already has to offer.

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