Made in Italy, served in Thailand.

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Lina Krengel

Some evenings are the real pain for me as I never could easily decide where to have dinner. Because yes, sometimes I am too lazy to cook at home. So, this Friday was not an exception. I happened to be near Blue Tree and decided to give them a chance. And here is the short story how it turned out.

A small nice restaurant with high wooden and glass walls and door, with indoor and outdoor sitting area. Waiters greeted us and offered to sit inside as at that time there was a rehearsal of The Living Art festival and was quite noisy. This gesture is kind of a small thing for stuff, but makes a big different for me as a guest. Immediately after we sat, we were brought a menu. Since the name if the place is “Made in Italy”, most of the menu consists of Italian food: pizza, pasta, appetizers. However, if you feel fancy to eat some Japanese food, there will be some rolls and other dishes waiting for you.

We decided to try their sandwiches. OMG… First of all, it is not actually a sandwich, it is more like a panini, homemade bread, you know. We had chicken one and ham/cheese. Both of them got 10 out of 10. The amount of filling, sauces, fresh vegetables and the portion size make that sandwiches a super choice. Just for you to know, I couldn’t finish mine and took it home, and next morning it was still super delicious.

Now couple words about service. You know this embarrassing moment when you just took a bite and the waiter approaching you with “how is the food?” and your mouth is full and all you can do is nod and mumble? This did not happen with us in Made in Italy. The waiter waited for us to stop chewing and them came with a question. Again, a little thing that matters.

To sum up, what we liked there: food, service, prices. What we did not like: honestly, can’t think of anything. And a little tip for you, if you are a Blue Tree member, you can receive a 15% discount.

It is not an advertisement, but the true opinion of one girl who became a loyal guest.

Thank you, guys, you are awesome!