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Alexander Karolik Shlaen Alexander Karolik Shlaen, EMBA, is the founder of the Singapore-based Panache Management Pte Ltd which represents Aston Martin Interiors, Tonino Lamborghini Casa and Formitalia design lines in Asia. Panache Management is involved in real estate and technology investment projects and provides luxury interiors and design for exclusive real estate, private jets and super yachts. Shlaen has appeared in various regional and global media and has written the Luxury Expert columns of regional business magazines since 2009. He is also on the judges' panel for Asia Property Awards and is frequently sought to attend established business forums. Learn more on

I recall staying a few years ago at some dream-like, picturesque small island with a postcard-perfect, palm-framed white powdery beach - one of the many thousands of islands of the beautiful Philippine archipelago. I am asked to inspect some properties for investors from time to time, and this was one such tough duty of mine.

The amazing vistas and crystal-clear waters were like a dream. The hammock hanging on the coconut palms next to the beach was too good to be true. What bliss, this paradise on earth. Alas, on the 3rd day of that paradise, having rather simple and not so well-prepared food, I started dreaming of someplace else with more culinary variety.

I can have simple food, but when you are in paradise, you want to eat (well, and drink) something to match what your eyes see. I dare say that food and beverage are the most important amenities one wants to have close to their resort. That makes it many times more important if you are a property owner in a given resort.

I was thinking just that while sipping my Chandon rosé at the Xana Sunday brunch, cracking on the blue crab and picking some tuna belly chunks that were cut for me just moments earlier from the whole fresh tuna fish that lay in my view. And what a marvellous view it was.


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My mind was wondering how important it is for property owners to have quality food and drink outlets in their surroundings. They don’t have to be fancy, but they should provide the property investors with the comfort of having a nice meal and drink close to their home. These outlets also attract paying guests, which means more return on investment for owners. When combined with the experience of having this fabulous food right on the beach, then I will raise my bubbly for it - well done, Xana.