Leading Yachts of the World, Powered by AVA Software, Cruises to Asia Pacific Debut

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The travel tech brand’s proprietary technology, exclusively developed by AVA Software, is set to revolutionise overall yachting charter sales and booking experience with secure, automated digital travel ecosystem - a first in Asia.



Travel software technology brand Leading Yachts of the World has launched in the Asia Pacific and is poised to revolutionise the overall luxury yachting industry, as well as luxury hospitality guest experiences, in the region by providing a simple, secure fully-automated solution for global luxury yacht charter sales and bookings.

Using its proprietary technology, developed exclusively by AVA Software, the company optimises the businesses of luxury yacht owners and charter operators. At the same time, it enables luxury travel and hospitality professionals in the Asian region to enhance their guest experience offerings by allowing them to search for their perfect vessel easily, compare different products, check their availability, make their booking and pay for it securely – all within a single cloud-based system. Leading Yachts of the World provides real-time, instant and direct access to Yacht Charter Central Agencies across 15 countries and over 29 cities with a global fleet of over 400 yachts available for a day or long-term charters. Leading Yachts of the World’s system also features a social media and digital marketing platform which manages digital advertising and marketing campaigns for users.

“This is an exciting time for the luxury yacht charter market, and indeed the luxury hospitality industry in the Asia Pacific region. The vision of Leading Yachts of the World is to use our cutting-edge solutions to create a new channel that will benefit everyone in the industry. From the yacht owners and providers to the travel professionals and, of course, the end customers,” said Anthony Brisacq, CEO of Leading Yachts of the World.

“We are not talking about setting up another basic white label booking platform, which we all know does not work. Instead, we are implementing state-of-the-art software paired with a new selling strategy and business model. This is a quantum leap for the sector, and we are delighted to introduce it to Asia for the first time,” Mr Brisacq added.


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In conjunction with the brand’s launch, Leading Yachts of the World celebrated the confirmation of its first hospitality industry collaboration in the Asia Pacific, with the newly opened, luxurious Intercontinental Phuket Resort.

“We are delighted to be the first hospitality industry partner of Leading Yachts of the World in Asia,” said Bjorn Courage, General Manager, InterContinental Phuket Resort. “InterContinental Hotels & Resorts brand has pioneered luxury travel for more than 70 years. As the new flagship property in Thailand, we are excited to continue this pioneering spirit by introducing the InterContinental life to Phuket. By teaming up with Leading Yachts of the World, we are uniquely positioned to elevate our guest service with the ability to book and confirm luxury yachts at the click of a button. The technology provides unprecedented access to bespoke and memorable experiences that guests have come to expect from InterContinental Hotels and Resorts.”

One of the world’s most prestigious and exclusive hotel brands, COMO Hotels and Resorts, also formally signed an official agreement with Leading Yachts of the World to develop the commercialisation of its motor yacht, the sleek 42-foot Capricorn II, based in Phuket, Thailand. With COMO Point Yamu’s membership entry into Leading Yachts of the World’s digital ecosystem, resort guests can easily check availability of yachts, choose and select their yachts and obtain instant, real-time quotations for their expeditions, at any time, from anywhere. At the same time, non-resident guests staying in other hotels and resorts in Phuket may also choose to select the resort’s yacht Capricorn II for their cruising expeditions around the island, with Leading Yachts of the World’s safe, hassle-free and user-friendly platform.



Before the platform’s launch, chartering a luxury yacht in the Asia Pacific can be a long, tedious and complicated process involving brokers, agencies, crews and other elements. Leading Yachts of the World aim to digitise the process and integrate it into the travel retail ecosystem, in the same stress-free way as other parts of the industry, such as hotels, airlines and attraction tickets.

Every yacht made available on the site will be subject to a comprehensive 120-point quality assurance process, which rigorously checks the quality of the vessel, onboard safety, maintenance and many other factors. The 120 control points function to ensure that access to Leading Yachts of the World is regulated by a quality label which selects the Yacht Charter supplier members and its user members (hotels and resorts, travel agencies and brokers) and guarantees an ecosystem of undoubtedly high quality. The result is a showcase of the world’s most beautiful luxury yachts, which can be chartered according to the guest’s exact specifications. The vessels can then be securely reserved, contracted and paid for online in a fully automated process. The system is B2B, meaning that it can be used by a wide range of tourism businesses, such as travel agencies, OTAs, hotels, resorts and others. Access to the platform involves a software installation fee and monthly subscription models.

The platform is being rolled out to the travel and hospitality industry in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong from March 2020, with more destinations set to follow.

According to a report from ResearchandMarkets.com¹, the global yacht charter market looks to expand at an annual rate of 5.4% in the coming years, to reach US$15.86 billion by 2026, and the Asia Pacific is set to register the highest growth rate of 6.0%. Countries like Thailand and Malaysia, with their long and captivating coastlines, are set to become some of the most popular destinations in the world. At the same time, mega-cities like Singapore and Hong Kong will be critical drivers of customer demand.

For more information about Leading Yachts of the World, please visit www.leadingyachts.world. Alternatively, to learn more about AVA Software, please head to www.ava.software.