“Being a lady GM is something new for the island”

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Prachoom Taniprasertsuk, GM of Dusit Thani

Being a lady GM is something new for the island. But people accept me for what I am.

No matter what gender the GM is we all want to achieve same goals but the approach might be different. I believe that women are more patient. My soft approach seems to work well. I get things done my way.

There is nothing that men can do and women can not, except being a husband.

My previous GM in JW Marriot Bangkok Peter Caprez is my idol. Before I left Marriot he taught me the last lesson and said to me «We came from oldschool but the world has changed, the new generation is coming up and you cannot change them but you can change yourself».

When you run а hotel there are two factors to make it successful – hardware and software. By hardware I mean everything you can see and touch while software means people. To be a good GM you have to be able to develop both components within the timeframe and budget.

I spend 80% of my time in the hotel. Whenever I have an opportunity to make those 20% I conduct yoga class for my team, swim a lot, enjoy working in the garden, painting but most of all I enjoy shopping.

If you work hard you have to find time to look after yourself. I have a very big closet and the biggest shoes room ever. I like Tory Burch, Tod’s because the shoes are comfortable but when it comes to high heel I prefer Nine West, Louboutin. When it comes to bags I like Bottega because its beautiful forever also I’m a great fan of Gucci.

I spent at least three hours walking around the resort talking to the guests each day. But I like it and I learn a lot from them. We have a lot of repeating custumers, returning here for 30 years. And they can tell me the history of the hotel since the first day we opened the door.

One reason why people keep coming back is what we call Dusit thai way of life. This is very important. Professional service could be anywhere in the world. But truly thai hospitality makes the difference. We always go beyond the guests expectations.

If I know that someone in my resort is not well Ill be there to meet the guest by myself.

I worked for Laguna over 20 years ago but I was based in Bangkok. I spent a few days in Phuket almost every week and I remember couldn’t find Laguna without a map as it was still brand new destination.

Phuket has everything that I want. It’s perfect because if I have a chance during the weekend and feel like shopping I go to Central. If I want to relex I jump into the boat and spend the whole day on one of the islands and come back fresh.

I don’t want to go back to Bangkok, spend 4 hours a day in traffic and rush, rush, rush. When I woke up in Bangkok and went to the shower my towel was still wet because I went to bed just 4 hours before that.

I’m lucky to have full support from my family. I’m a single mother and my son already has his master degree in UK and came home a few moths ago. My parents are in Bangkok and that’s the only worry that I have because they’re getting old but my brother and son are looking after them. I have enough freedom for work and I know that my family is proud for what I am doing.

I turn everything to positive. If I fail I will immediately stand up and move forward.

In future I’ll write a book about my experience and it will be fun.