Khun Tito and Tongdaeng – the lesser known members of the royal family

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The late King Bhumidol was a well known animal lover and an advocate for animal adoption. As he did with many things, King Bhumidol, didn't just talk the talk but walked the walk. On this walk he'd often take his adopted best friend - Tongdaeng. His Majesty once published a book on his beloved pooch which then went on to be produced as a movie and some out there might remember seeing stamps released in Tongdaeng's name! Unlike Queen Elizabeth's pure bred corgis, Thailand's King adopted a stray; quite the gesture for a man in his position.

The love for Tongdaeng is quite well known in Thailand and the pups face made it onto t-shirts of people around the country. What is less well known is the royal feline. Tito, a Siamese cat, was HM the King's one and only feline companion and found his way into the heart of the King alongside Tongdaeng. Tito was a friend of the royals a very long time ago and can be seen in photographs dating back to 1944 at the royal family residence in Switzerland.