The Key to Keemala – Part 2

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Tanapong ‘Note’ Somnam

We always agree on everything with my sister. We live together and share everything with each other and we are both ready to compromise. We have been working with each other since our childhood. She takes care of sales and marketing while I, with my engineering and finance education, focus on the operations. We complement each other’s talents.

My parents taught me a lot how to deal with other people. That is a core part in managing of any property, human factor is the most difficult part to take care of. My parents taught me the art of compromise, empathy. If you solve their problems, they will pay you back with loyalty.

Hospitality gives me the opportunity to experience something different. I also love the fact that I can build something like Keemala. Every day is a challenge, every day we face change and I like it. It’s never boring and always exciting.

The key to Keemala’s success is the uniqueness of the project and the way we communicate it. The concept of the resort is unique but so is our concept of hospitality – every guest is treated like a visitor to our village. There is no typical guest-hotel owner relation. The guests enter our village, learn what we can provide them with and we become friends on first name basis.

Phuket is more than just a beach destination. And we can provide more than the beach. Keemala is not next to the beach, but it is just a few kilometers away, so we can transport the guests there. Many guests who come to check us out and see what we can provide beyond the beach, extend their stays. It is a different experience.

Phuket changed a lot since I was a child. It’s actually totally different now. In the past you could find rice fields everywhere, even in the business parts of Patong. Just 30-40 years ago tin mines could still be found here, but then the government changed Phuket into a travel destination. The changes have been drastic. There is a lot of deforestation, a lot of pollution.  Today I still like Phuket, I like some aspects of it and don’t like other.

There are still places in Phuket, where you can find peace. It might not be as exciting as some other provinces, our waterfalls might be smaller for example, but we do have the beach so other places pale in comparison. I live in Kathu, where we have a waterfall, it’s not as big and beautiful as some of the other, but it still is natural and close to my home.

We need to take good care of Phuket. We have to take more care of our environment and build up a good community to take care of the island and each other. Keemela’s concept is based on our environment. When we started building this place, we tried to keep as many trees as we possibly could, we build the villas and all buildings in between them. So even though it’s been just three years since the beginning of construction, we have a lot of greenery in the resort. We try to impact the environment as little as possible.

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