How to keep ahead in Phuket’s resale property market

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In recent years there have been concerns from homeowners, regarding their ability to sell properties in Phuket. With so many new buildings coming up and property development quickly rising on the island, reselling properties in Phuket is being perceived as a harder task than it used to be.

Resale properties are a good investment however, one just needs to know how to go about it. One of the reasons some people are having trouble is due to inadequate pricing in comparison to newer properties. A lot of property owners are asking to resell for exorbitant amounts while new properties are asking for a lot less.

Appropriate pricing is the first thing resalers need to consider, maintenance of properties is the next. Packaging is everything and a lot of people trying to resell their properties don’t take this into consideration. Sure, the home might be beautiful, but if it isn’t maintained and if the furniture and interior decorations aren’t appealing, then buyers won’t be interested.

Resale properties do have a few major advantages over newer properties. Resale properties can gain rental bookings on the spot and also an immediate return on investment. You can also rest assured that you are getting what you paid for because you can see it for yourself, unlike a lot of new units which sometimes look different to the plans.

Resale properties are also quite unique and thus set themselves apart from other more uniform units. With properties being highly sought after, land being sold is getting smaller and so too are their dwellings. Older homes have more space and nicer layouts, and as a result become a lot more desirable.

The Resale market might seem unfavorable to some at the moment, but to those who know how to invest wisely, it will surely have a positive outcome in the future.