Kata Rocks 5th Anniversary Champagne Brunch

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The location is Kata Rocks, and the occasion is the resorts' 5th anniversary. I am 1 of 150 guests lucky enough to have been invited to celebrate with them at their special birthday brunch.

Kata Rocks Resort is the pinnacle of luxury here in Phuket, so to say I am excited to be included would be a vast understatement. I have had dinner here once before, so I know that I am in for a real treat. 

The welcome is a warm one, and as I am guided to my table past the spectacular infinity pool looking out over the shimmering Andaman Sea, I am struck by the beauty of my surroundings. No detail has been missed, nothing left to chance. The tables look incredible, laid out in the cool modern style that the resort is known for. A real feast for the eyes. The team here is lovely and move smiling though the guests, tending to our every need in that deceptively effortless manner that only comes from experience and being the absolute best at what you do. 

As the DJ plays and puts his finishing touches to the relaxed and convivial atmosphere, I am reminded that I have a complimentary bottle of champagne waiting in a chiller for me. I haven't forgotten, but I plan to pair it with a dip in the pool later and instead choose a crisp pale pink rose to accompany me through lunch. Over the next couple of hours, I am treated to a demonstration of what "free flow" actually means, as at no time do I find my glass less than half full. 

Lunch is, as you might imagine by now, sensational. As I walk around gazing at the mouth-watering choices, including fresh oysters, delicate vegetable summer rolls, refreshing Thai and European salads, selections of fish and meats hot off the barbeque and much more, I am faced with the toughest choice I will have today. Do I have the Phuket Lobster or the Boston Lobster? Sensing my dilemma, a member of staff quietly steps in and recommends I try both. 

Back at my table and the party is in full swing, mixing in with the music is the chinking of wine glasses, the popping of champagne corks and the laughter and animated conversation of 150 very happy partygoers. Out of nowhere, moving seductively through the party come dancers towards the DJ where they put on for us, a captivating contemporary dance routine, and just as soon as they arrived they are gone again, only to reappear at other moments throughout the afternoon, adding yet another layer to an already enthralling and very entertaining day. 

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So when I finally took my chance to pair my crisp, dry champagne with a dip in that stunning pool, I had a moment to reflect. Yes, this was an Anniversary, and it was always going to be a little different from another weekend. Still, those differences were only in that there were birthday balloons, more guests than is usual, prize draws and a handful of short speeches. You can't create such a memorable experience if you are only doing it one weekend of the year. You have to do it, as Kata Rocks does, every day of the year. So please, dear reader, trust me, take yourselves to Kata and treat yourselves to brunch on the rocks.