Some A-Grade celebrities are set to make a splash in Phuket

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Celebrities. Do they deserve the attention they get? Probably not in most cases. This doesn’t stop them from getting it though. In November this year, a number of top list celebrities are probably going to be getting a lot of attention, as Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Adele have been rumored to appear for Phuket’s first ever Formula 1 Powerboat race. It’s said that they’ll be headlining the concerts held alongside the big event.

The show runs for three days and these famous singers are lined up to appear, one for each night. It isn’t 100% yet but if the venture goes through, it will surely be one to remember. Justin Bieber is famous, not just for his voice and instrumental talents, but also his love of fast vehicles, so this race should be right up his alley.

The UIM F1H20 World championship is held all around the world. It takes place in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. There are 9 races and the seventh race is going to take place in Phuket. This will provide a huge boost for the economy and tourism in the region. The first race will start in March, in Dubai, and the others will take place in the following months. If Phuket hosts the 7th race it will be the biggest event ever held on the island. Many celebrities will surely attend, meaning a star studded November for Phuket. Make sure you don’t miss it.