International schools in Phuket. Part 4. The end

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Lina Krengel

2+2 is still 4?

Have your read 3 previous parts of this article? No? Check these links out then (part 1, part 2, part 3). This one will be the last part of probably very useful article of mine about international schools in Phuket.

Photo: QSI Phuket

QSI International School of Phuket

School was founded in 2000 and was accredited by the Middle State Association in 2014. QSIP believes that kindness, politeness, trustworthiness, group Interaction, aesthetic appreciation, concern for others, independent endeavors and responsibility are the keys to kids’ successful future. School is using full American curriculum and creating classes based on children’s age. The school is located in Kathu area, almost the heart of the island which makes it very easy-accessible. Unfortunately, I could find more information about this school, especially tuition fees. But I could not just cross it out of the list.

Photo: KIS Phuket

Kajonkiet International School

It is a part of Kajonkiet school group. One of the largest school group on the island. This school is suitable for kids from 2 to 18 years old. The school campus is located on a 15 Rai territory. Kids are following the English national curriculum. All subjects are taught in English only. Let’s go straight to the most interesting information, school fees. Application, placement, entrance and endowment fees will cost you 113,000 THB. Annual fee for nursery is around 242,000 THB. Fees for primary-high school are higher. From 290,000 to 385,000 THB per year per kid, depend on the year group. Please keep in mind that extra activities are charged separately at additional costs.

Photo: BISP

British International School (BISP)

The last, but not least, is BISP. This is an English-medium, co-educational, day and boarding school, established in 1996. School is located on a spacious 44 acre green site, where students can enjoy a healthy environment. BISP offers an extensive activities programme. The programme caters for the needs and passions of students under the supervision of highly professional teachers and coaches. There are more than 300 activity sessions per week such as football, basketball, tennis, golf, triathlon, flying fish swimming, badminton, gymnastics, trapeze, silks, art academy, knitting, sewing, musical productions, pantomime, drama club, concert bands, cantamus choirs, instrumental tuition, fun field games, cooking, public speaking and debate, MUN. Impressive, right? I would say, BISP is one of the most expensive schools on the island. And you will understand why. A year in the nursery costs 406,000 THB. The fees from Year 1 to Year 13 are 616,000 - 789,000 THB per kid per year. Fees include breakfast snacks and buffet lunch, instruments and group lessons and mandatory educational visits. Transport fees, Intensive English courses, sport trips etc. are at additional costs. Application fees together with placement fee and bond start at 256,000 THB per kid.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from. So, what can I say? Good luck, guys. Education in Thailand costs a fortune, for real.

Traditionally, this is not an advertising, but the true observation of the 31years old girl, who feels like saving money for a school for a future child right now.