International schools in Phuket. Part 3

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Lina Krengel


If, for some reasons, you missed first 2 parts of this pretty useful article, I strongly recommend you to check these links (part 1, part 2). Because I am going to continue informing you about island’s international schools. Just FYI, we are moving from north of Phuket to south.

Photo: Montessori Phuket

Montessori House Phuket International School (MHPIS)

This one is the only Montessori school on the island and it is suitable for kids 3-12 years old. The school is located near Chalong Temple. School is orienting on self-directed learning in warm and natural setting. At MHP they celebrate the individuality and potential of every child. In case you would like your kid to enroll to MHP, please be ready to pay following fees: 3,500 THB for the placement fee, entrance fee from 40,000 THB to 80,000 THB depends on level, and tuition fees starting from 218,000 THB for kindergarten, 255,300 THB for lower elementary and 276,700 for upper elementary. Lunch, deposit, ESL, textbooks, extra activities are charged separately. Kindly note that rates provided in this article are from the school official web-site and might be changed without prior notice.

Photo: Oak Meadow

Oak Meadow International School

Moving up the island to the Oak Meadow International School. School is located in the heart of Phuket near the freshwater lake. Oak Meadow provides a challenging, comprehensive academic curriculum, straight from the USA, enriched with art, music and foreign language. Calvert curriculum was originally designed as a homeschooling one. School is encouraging its students to participate in athletic and after class activities such as football, basketball, swimming, tennis, track and field, ESL, mathematics, robotic, baking, languages, dancing, music, arts & crafts. Tuition fees starts with an administration and placement fee of 3,000 THB. Entrance fee is non-refundable and is 100,000 THB per child for grade 1-12 and 50,000 THB per child for kindergarten. Refundable deposit is starting from 20,000 THB per child. One academic year for kindergarten student will cost you 220,000 THB, primary – 280,000 THB, middle school – 320,000 THB and high school – 360,000 THB. Books, insurance and any extra curriculum activities should be paid extra.

Photo: HeadStart Phuket

HeadStart International School

School was founded in 2005 and rapidly became one of the leading international schools on the island. They offer English National Curriculum for kids from 2 to 18 years old. Their curriculum includes a comprehensive language programme and gives students the opportunity to study first language French, Mandarin, Russian, Thai and several second language options. Kids from 2 to 6 years old have 5 classrooms with toilets and showers, indoor play center and outdoor playground. They even have a puppet theatre! Primary and secondary school having their classes in 62 modern and fully equipped classrooms. Language rooms, music classrooms, ICT suites are built to fulfill kids’ needs. There are plenty of sport and other extra activities to make sure all kids can find something they truly like to do. The school fees include all programmes, activities and materials, lunches and snacks, textbooks, workbooks, learning equipment and supplies, after school activities, academic boosters, field trips, outbound trips, and student’s participation in some school performances. One year in Head Start will cost you from 300,000 THB to 420,000 THB depends on the child’s age. Mentioned prices include application, endowment and entrance fees.

To be continued…