International schools in Phuket. Part 2

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Lina Krengel


In case you missed the part 1 about international schools in Phuket, do not hesitate to visit this link and have a look. Meanwhile, I would like to continue with my list. As I have mentioned before we are moving from south to north. And, here we go.

Photo: BUDS International School

BUDS International School

This is an oldest bi-lingual school in Phuket, founded by a Thai educator in early nineteens and then transferred to Holland-American and Thai management. School has improved their curriculum by implementing the best from Montessori and HeadStart programs in order to create the best studying environment for kids. On the primary level BUDS provides American Primary Common Core Curriculum. This school is suitable for kids starting from nursery to primary level.

Registration fee is 5,000 THB and covers 1 uniform set, entrance exam, accident insurance on school premises, administration and placement test. Tuition fee for nursery and kindergarten full time is 47,600 THB per semester (4 months) and includes of writing notebooks, art supplies and breakfast and lunch. Extra activities such as swimming classes as well as after school are charged separately. Tuition for a second full time child from the same family will receive a 10% discount. Fees for primary level also includes deposit of 20,000 THB. The security deposit will be waived if tuition for 1 year is paid up front. The one academic year will cost you 138,000 THB per kid.

Photo: BCIS

Berda Claude International School (BCIS)

This is a registered ISAT School and offers a range of curriculums from American, British, International Baccalaureate and other national curriculums such as French, Swiss, Singaporean, Japanese and Korean. Junior campus is thoughtfully built for early years and primary students. Classes are well equipped with modern utilities. There are ICT room, art room, library and dance room, multiple outdoor and indoor playgrounds, Lego education room, 300m athletic track, three-tiered swimming pool, full-size football pitch and covered football pitch, covered sports stadium, tennis court, road safety course, theatre & conference space. The senior campus even has a planetarium apart from many more useful utilities. Moreover, the school is full of extra activities of every choice.

In order to get your kid in BCIS you have to pay: 10,000 THB registration fee for the first year and 5,000 THB for every following year; non-refundable entrance fee of 50,000 and refundable deposit of the same amount, 50,000 THB. 2020-2021 academic year school fees were following: nursery – kindergarten 218,000 THB per year, year 1-2 259,000 THB, year 3-6 292,000 THB, year 7-11 358,000 THB. Fees include all tuition, lunch, morning and afternoon snacks, and use of the library. Many after-school activities programmes are provided for an additional fee.

To be continued…