Interesting food in Phuket. Coke in a bag? Two, please

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Street food. Street drinks. All streets all over Thailand are full with food stalls, little shops, vendors and even motorbikes selling food. Food is everywhere. And so many foreigners visited Thailand not only because of its stunning nature, but also because of food. I have been living in Thailand for almost six years, but some dishes are still surprising me all the time. Ant these are not mainstream fried grasshoppers or scorpions. Here is my personal small list of unusual food and its presentation. Here we go.

  1. Drinks in a plastic bag. Like, what? When a friend once offered me a bag full of ice and some liquid with a straw in it, I was confused and a little bit shocked. But it was just a coke. But yeah, in a bag.
  2. Cha yen. Or Thai tea. Oh my God! This is my true love. You have probably seen this drink, orange liquid with milk in a plastic cup with ice. It is literally iced tea with condensed milk. Extremely sweet, but so good.
  3. Fried chicken feet. When I say feet, I mean it. Not tights, not legs, feet. And they are deep fried or just fried. My Thai colleagues love it. I still have not tried it. But to be honest, it smells good.
  4. Deep fried chicken or pork skin. I remember as being a child I always asked my parents to remove skin from the chicken I ate. Here people do not waste any part of an animal. They fry skin and serve it as a crispy snack with sour-spicy sauce. I like chicken skin, but do not eat too much.
  5. Khao man gai or chicken on rice. Very nice and pretty simple dish. It is rice cooked in chicken broth served with either fried or boiled chicken. What is so unusual? One extra ingredient you may find in your plate, congealed chicken blood. I was surprised once, however did not find a courage to try it. Have you, by the way?
  6. Roti Sai Mai. Or you may call it cotton candy. It is a crepe-like crust and silk-like sweets with eye-catching colors. Sai Mai looks a little bit like a bunch of strings, but tastes really good.
  7. Sticky rice in bamboo. The sticky rice is mixed with sugar, sweet red beans, and coconut cream and then stuffed into cylinders of hollow bamboo. Honestly, it kept me busy for couple of minutes to figure out how to open it. But it worth all the struggling.

Thailand is a well-known destination for food lovers. Thai cuisine will not leave you indifferent. So once all borders are opened, you are very welcome to come and try it.

Traditionally, this is not an advertising, but the true opinion of the girl, who usually cooks at home, but cannot say “no: to Thai street food..