Instagram-Worthy Spots in Phuket Old Town

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Joanna Matlub Joanna Matlub is a Phuket based reviewer and lifestyle content contributor. In 2020 she set up the not for profit blog, Beach & Butter, which is a ‘support local’ initiative in Thailand, at a time when supporting local is crucial.

Phuket Old Town is bursting with personality, so here are some new and established spots to explore and get snap-happy with.


1. Muggles Welcome at The Hogs Head


This Harry Potter-themed restaurant/cafe literally only just opened its magical doors in August 2020, and it's already hugely popular with Instagrammers. So, if you are into Harry Potter in any shape or form, or simply fancy attending the Wanderwands or Skeleton and Dark Art shops, then this is definitely the place for you. As you can imagine, there were a few people dressed up to make the most of the unusual photo opportunities.





2. Phuket Old Town Street Art



Although this is hardly a hidden gem, this art really does make for some fab Instagram shots, and some lend well to brightening up alleys or adding interesting details to what would be otherwise shabby dull walls. Art can be found around Soi Rommanee, Dibuk Road and Phangnga Road, among others. You just have to wait in line for your Instagram shot on weekends.




3. Coconuts Away at Always Summer



After stopping for a refreshing coconut ice cream here, you can take advantage of the tropical bar setting right on Thalang Road and strike a pose. Afterwards, head through the arch for some shots in front of John Donut with the vibrant blue backdrop, and finally, move upstairs to the roof area to enjoy the views.




4. New Kid on the Block, Roof Pudding & Cafe


We headed for a new cafe, (opened in May 2020) on Yaowarat Road which seems to be a mega-hit with the Bangkok crew. The place was busy, mainly with people taking photos, selfies and seemingly all-out photo shoots. Inside it has a minimalist, modern vibe with exposed white bricks and a water feature running through the main table, plus the Instagram worthy indoor tree. After enjoying a passion fruit cooler, I found 2 willing ladies from Bangkok to demonstrate the popular Instagrammable pose.




5. Heritage Beauty at Endless Summer


Sticking to Yaowarat Road, this charming heritage property houses a wide variety of products. Whether you fancy a coffee, a spot of lunch, children's or adults clothing or decorative household items - you are bound to find something here. Plus the stunning architecture and different areas inside provide plenty of snap-happy opportunities.




6. I Can See a Rainbow (Buildings)



With Sino-Portuguese shophouses and Sino-Colonial style mansions, Phuket Old Town is an explosion of colours and a feast for your eyes and Instagram account. From delicate or bright to bold and sometimes chintzy hues to pick from, you literally could match your outfit to the array of colourful building back-shots (if you were so inclined).




7. The Tent Phuket



If you need me, I'll be in my teepee! A chilled, laid back cafe where you can eat besides, (or inside if you are mini-sized) the tents. A cute and novel idea, the teepees also make an excellent backdrop for photos. Food was reasonable, and the avocado on toast was generous too, so make the most of the food as well as the photo opportunities.