Home-made: Phat Ka Prow Mushroom

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We’re here to help you get a little more creative in your at-home culinary adventures. In our Home-made series, we share recipes from some of the finest and most popular restaurants on the island.

This edition's recipe is a clean-eating version of a Thai favourite from Thanyapura Phuket's culinary team - Phat Ka Prow Mushroom.



Phat Ka Prow is arguably one of the most loved dishes all over Thailand. There are many variations of this revered dish, from minced pork and prawns to century eggs and livers. The star ingredient which gives Phat Ka Prow its distinctive and familiar flavour is Holy Basil (aka Ka Prow) Here at Thanyapura we do a 100% healthy vegan version of PKP.

With a balanced ratio of black and white rice, tofu and vegetables this recipe provides good nutrition to support athletes needs. Our Holy Basil comes directly from our 100% organic farm in Thanyamundra on the foothills of Khao Sok national park. Easy and quick to make, give this recipe a try and share with your friends and family.

Recipe for 1 serving

Prep: 20m | Cook: 8m






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