Going vegan is easy!

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Thanyapura Healthy Lunch -1 (Landscape)

It’s got to be hard to be a vegan. And on so many levels.

Firstly, there’s all the splendid food you’re missing out on. I could name an example for each day of the year, and they’d all be cheese (and then I could continue with various cuts of meat long into the next year).

Thanyapura Healthy Lunch -1 (Landscape)

Secondly, there’s the time. I usually have enough of it to fry an egg or eat a few spoonfuls of tuna straight out of a can. What I don’t have is time to conjure those wonderfully elaborate veggie burgers, vegan lasagnas and dairy free muffins.

Thanyapura Healthy Lunch -1 (Landscape)
And thirdly, there are the costs. Pistachio milk, almond flour, quinoa, flax seeds – all those vegan staples can be found in the “superfood” section of the supermarket, read – super expensive.

Thanyapura Healthy Lunch -1 (Landscape)

So yeah, being a vegan must be a challenge. Or does it?

As it turns out it doesn’t! In fact, it can be quite easy, thanks to Thanyapura and their Healthy Vegan Buffet. Their take on your daily lunch makes going vegan a much simpler choice. How?

Firstly, it’s delicious. The all you can eat buffet, even though 100% plant based, offers a staggering diversity of flavors, aromas and colors. Salads, vegan versions of classic Thai dishes, a selection of desserts, detox juices – you can go vegan five days a week and never eat the same dish.

Thanyapura Healthy Lunch -1 (Landscape)
Secondly, it’s quick and easy. No waiting for the dishes to be prepped or preparing them yourself, you go in and it’s all there, freshly made and waiting for you. Fast food just got a totally new meaning.

And thirdly, it’s actually inexpensive. 390 THB buys you a three-hours long, all you can eat experience of aquality and variety that more than guarantees you’re getting your money’s worth.

Thanyapura Healthy Lunch -1 (Landscape)

Delicious, easy and affordable – if veganism was always like this, we’d all be doing it.

Healthy Vegan Buffet at Thanyapura is open from Monday to Friday from 12 to 3pm at THB 390. Dinner will available from August 14, from Monday to Saturday from 6 to 8.30 pm at THB 550. Learn more on thanyapura.com