Get ready for the Thailand Moon cake festival

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It seems that you can’t enter a week in Thailand without there being some sort of festival or holiday, which is always great for people living and working here. The Moon cake festival, not to be mistaken with Full Moon parties, is an ancient event that comes from China but is largely celebrated by Thai-Chinese communities in Thailand.

The festival is also called the mid-Autumn festival and it takes place during the full moon of the eighth month in the Chinese Lunar calendar, when the moon is said to be at its fullest. This is called the harvest moon and it marks the end of the harvest season.

According to Chinese tradition, it is a time for rejuvenation. Moon cakes, which take that name because they are round like the moon, are eaten to celebrate this new section of the year. Moon cakes have a salted egg yolk at their centre, which also represents the moon, and this yolk is complemented by a sweet outer pastry that is usually branded with the Chinese characters of harmony at the top.

The festival takes place all across the country, so if you find yourself in Thailand during September and you come across festivities where people are selling moon cakes, make sure you buy one. The taste might seem strange but it’s good to get into the spirit of things.