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Another quick guide to getting your lifestyle needs delivered while you help #stopthespread

Powerbuy Ecommerce
Powerbuy's online shopping site


Finding a good work-life balance at home can be frustrating. We’re used to working during the day, hitting the gym after and getting home to an excellent series or documentary. With all our schedules thrown off by the lockdowns and social distancing, we thought a short list of online lifestyle shopping options would help get you back in the groove of things.


These stores have all the devices you need to organise and track your work, fitness or any other goals you may have set.


Powerbuy is truly a one-stop-shop for ALL your electronics needs. You can walk into the store at Central Festival Phuket to buy a kettle and walk out with an additional TV, iMac and a washing machine. The online store is exactly the same. Delivery is free across the board, and if you have the 1 Card, you could get a good discount. 


You may just need an SD card to start shooting photos of your garden, or you may be stepping things up with a new graphics card for your custom-built gaming PC. Banana stocks all the gadgetry you can imagine to achieve your techy dreams. Shipping is free with orders over ฿499.


JIB is a fully-fledged IT store, offering everything from networking devices to gaming PCs to ergonomic desks. If you’re setting up your home office or your gaming rig, this is the site to visit. There’s an app available for download on Android here, and iOS here.


The grand-poobah of online shopping in SEA, Lazada has, really, everything you need. Brand name fitness trackers or slightly off-brand desktop computers - they’re all here on Lazada. Delivery fees vary with the seller, so be sure to check before you order. The Lazada app is available for Android here, and iOS here.


Formal shirts and boxers, blouses and pyjamas or activewear, these stores have what you need to keep you fit and feeling good.


This is Thailand’s leading activewear store, with every major sports brand you can think of under one roof. If you’re staying fit at home, you can order your yoga mat, dumbells and even a full-on workout machine. Delivery is free nationwide for orders over ฿690. Find their app for Android here and iOS here.


Uniqlo’s minimalist style makes it a favourite go-to store for many. You’ll find your casual wear as well as formal wear all on their online store. The great thing is that they offer a more extensive range of sizes than most other stores. Delivery is free on orders over ฿1500. Their app is available for Android here and iOS here.


Well-known for delivering the latest fashion trends at great prices, H&M’s online store often offers more than what you would find at a physical location. The global fast-fashion chain is currently offering free delivery on all items. Download their app for Android here and iOS here.


Decathlon is an entirely different monster. Affordable prices make this a favourite activewear, sports and outdoor equipment and accessories store. Find your camping gear, yoga mats or dumbells all on one website. Shipping is free with a minimum order of ฿1500. 


It’s important to note that there is a high volume of online orders due to the sheer number of people staying home. This means longer wait times and sometimes delayed orders, so factor that in when you place your online orders.

Happy Shopping!