First Nudist Resort opened in Phuket

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First nudist resort in Phuket

Lemon Tree Resort in Naiharn Beach joined Naturist Association Thailand as the first resort on Phuket dedicated to serving the growing number of naturists and nudist travelers visiting Thailand.

"We understand there has for some time been a demand for a naturist resort in Phuket and we are happy to be able to fill this gap," says Pattama Sangkhaow who in 2015 took over the resort together with her partner "Golf" Phakapong Maneechay.

Gregers Moller, a founding member of the association serving naturists and nudist in Thailand since 2007, says Naturist Association Thailand will work closely with Khun Pattama and Khun Phakapong to create awareness among naturists worldwide that Phuket is now finally on the naturist map.

Mr Phakapong Maneechay and Ms Pattama Sangkhaow, Lemon Tree Resort Naiharn Beach Phuket, together with Gregers Moller, Naturist Association Thailand.

"Members of the German FKK movement, the Australian and New Zealand naturists associations, British and French naturists, from all corners of the earth we have repeatedly been asked, when there would be a naturist resort available in Phuket. Announcing Lemon Tree Resort Naiharn Beach Phuket to be this resort is truly a milestone in our expansion in Thailand," Gregers Moller adds.

Lemon Tree Resort Naiharn Beach Phuket offers both a social setting with 9 bungalows built closely around a kids friendly pool and - behind its on gate - an exclusive villa in Thai style with two luxury master bedrooms and on the lower floor private dining room, TV theatre room and a big private pool.

Guests in the private villa can also join the social life of the other naturists in the centre of the resort.

The bungalows are built tight around a pool with a shallow partition for small children in one end. The layout is inviting for communication with one's neighbours or even the ones across the pool when sitting outside on the small poolside veranda in front of the bungalow.

Each bungalow contains a large main room with an extra large king size bed to one side and a TV theatre setup to the other side with a sofa that can also be folded out as an extra bed.

From this room you walk either straight into the bathroom with a nice shower niche or - surprise - to the right into your own little kitchen(!), complete with a fridge with freezer compartment, microwave oven, stove with two cooking plates and a cupboard with plates and drawers with cutlery for all your needs, in case you prefer to make your meals.

The porch is ideal if you prefer to sit here on your own private poolside and eat your own candlelight dinner. But you can also order the room service which is presented at the table in front of the TV or enjoy your meal in the small restaurant by the reception.

An added value is the relationship between the resort and a privately owned beach nearby, which allows guests at the Lemon Tree Resort to enjoy the nude section of this beach as a member of the beach club.

The resort is listed on Expedia, and but it is recommended to book directly via the website of the resort, where you can also ask questions to the management if you need, before confirming your booking.

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