Firefly at Pavilions

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Shhhhhh. Just discovered a new place that has just opened beginning of August, as part of the new Pavilions Suites extension of 44 villas. Not easy to find but a big green sign at the eastern end of the lake that starts outside Pavilions, show you the way.

It is open for Breakfast, Lunch and dinner so from 7:00 am until 11:00 PM and Aussie chef Belinda has created some great food at the new kitchen she has had a hand in designing. Wood fired grill and Pizza oven as well as Rôtisseurs have enable her to create a Mediterranean or almost modern Aussie menu, that is worth trying.

But the real value is in its hideaway style, middle of no-where but close to everything. At night there are 5,000 lights with fibre-optic lights in the pool. So why call it Firefly? Well because in the river close by there are lots of natural fireflies so they took the idea and extended with the artificial lights.

This is the first time I can recall a major hotel making it easy for non-hotel guests to get access to a great venue. Just have faith as you drive down that narrow concrete road - it is probably 500 meters from the lake on the main room.

Great pool during the day, some classic cocktails and at night just like its sister outlet at Pavilions - 360 Bar, very romantic and ideal for newly-weds, a place to impress or a great place to hideaway until others finally discover it. My sense is the word of mouth will spread quickly especially when people try Chef Belinda’s food.

Resident Manager Simone hangs out there as well and for a place opened less than a month many of the start-up hiccups have obviously been fixed quickly as the service and food standard is very good.

Good news is that the toilet is next to the bar but bad news is that it is 27 stairs down so don’t get too drunk or you won’t get back up. Parking is limited but should suffice for the time being.

Anyway great to see a new stylish place with great food, set up in around the Cherngtalay area. La Chaine de Rotisseurs will hold a Brunch there in November.

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Article by Ian Lancaster