Feel yourself a movie star. Movies that were filmed in Phuket

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Lina Krengel

Thailand. What first comes to your mind when you see or hear this name? Sea, sun, mangos, beaches, crazy nightlife? Most of people will mention that. But not film makers. For them Thailand is a perfect spot for film shooting. Just think about it, exotic jungle, beach setting, relatively low production costs, local crew members. Sounds like an attractive location for foreign productions.

Let’s have a look on films that were shot in Phuket, so once you are here, you can visit those places and feel yourself in a movie scene.

The first one is the famous “The Man with the Golden Gun”, which made Koh Tapu island one of the most popular attractions and gave it the second name, James Bond island. The site was the lair of Scaramanga in the film.

The next one is the iconic “The Beach” with ingenious Leonardo DiCaprio. The film was filmed on the island of Phi Phi and Maya Bay and in the “On On” hotel in the heart of Phuket town.

The Beach (2000) Directed by Danny Boyle Shown: Leonardo DiCaprio (as Richard)

Moving forward to “The Killing Fields”. Even though the film focuses on the terrors of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia,  the French and American Embassies were filmed in Phuket Town.

“Casualties of War”. This one was filmed in 1989, when filming in Vietnam was impossible, so the team chose Phang Nga and Phuket as one of their locations.

One more movie about Vietnam that was filmed in Phuket jungle is “Good Morning Vietnam”.

As you have already seen, Thailand, back in the dates, was a perfect location for films about Vietnam. “Heaven and Earth” is not an exception. The film used Chinpracha House in Phuket Town.

“Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason”. The movie’s plot takes them to Bangkok (some scenes were shot along the infamous Soi Cowboy), to Phuket Island (Phuket International Airport and Nai Yang Beach appear in the movie), and Phang Nga Bay (the romantic cruise scenes were shot off Panyee Island).

“Cutthroat Island” used the superb setting of Maya Bay in Koh Phi Phi Leh, which became the highlights of the movie.

“Tomorrow Never Dies”. Thai locations represented other Asian countries, and the famous Phang Nga Bay was used as the Koh Ping Khan. Moreover, June Bahtra, the junk that is still available for day and sunset cruises, was also spotted there.

“Stealth” used popular and picturesque Maya Bay for their pilots’ rest and recuperation scenes.

And one of the latest films was done in 2019 and called “Changeland”. The crew visit almost all famous locations on Phuket island and nearby and even used “The Slate” hotel for their hotel-based scenes.

So, as you can see, Phuket is not only well-know for its beaches and viewpoints, but for the film shot locations as well.

If you know more films, let us know in comments.

It is not a movie advertising, but the true opinion of one girl who is enjoying living in Phuket.