Friday night is the perfect time to go wild!

Last Friday this saying was confirmed multiple times!

The famous Illuzion on the craziest Bangla road hosted a great concert and welcomed almost 3,000 fans of Russian artist FEDUK. But before we tell you more about that night, let us tell you a little more about FEDUK.

He is a very versatile artist. From trap to rap, house to pop, there seems to be no genre he hasn’t excelled at. The success of the single “Rose Wine” in Russia and CIS not only changed his own life forever, but it also changed the history of the Russian hip-hop scene in the 2010s.

In the present, FEDUK has found the perfect balance between producing folk hits and constantly experimenting with its sound. In 2020, he released the album “YAY” (produced by Cream Soda), which was recognized by The Flow as the best Russian release of the year. FEDUK’s music has it all: the wit and charm of the rap underground, the mysterious club atmosphere, and poetry that makes you want to fall in love or think about the most important thing in life.

This concert was like a breath of fresh air. Forever favorite singles such as “Rose wine” and others were sung in chorus. The lines “it’s so beautiful here I stop breathing” were heard all over the Bangla road long after the concert. If you have ever been to a concert where all fans, guests, and even the artist are like your friends, you will understand our excitement. 

We spoke to some guests that night, and they said that the atmosphere reminded them of parties in Moscow and St. Petersburg back in the day. Even some Thai guests that night realized how cool Russian artist FEDUK is. Well, we totally understand them.

This event couldn’t happen without absolutely amazing Art of Events. Thank you again guys for this memorable night!